This sim was build with the intention of providing Gorean role-players a Tahari setting to play in should they wish to. We expect and hope that all players who roleplay here will govern themselves and conduct themselves as a mature adult. IC drama is welcome and encouraged, OOC drama not so much.

The setting of our Sim is The Oasis of Four Palms, located in the Tahari desert. The Oasis is home to the Kashani Vassal Tribe of the Kavars and is located far south of Red Rock.

All writing you see is done in the Taharic not in common Gorean, so unless your character can ICly read Taharic, they may have to RP to find out what the sign, banner, whatever says. Also it gets hot in the Tahari slaves would normally have some sort of foot wear on, and not kneel in the hot sand or stones.

The OOC Administrators have taken some cultural ideas from the real world history of where the Tahari is based, to try and implement a functioning society and spread the workload to make it enjoyable for all.

Ways of joining the Oasis can be either handled by role-playing your way in or by s peaking with an OOC Admin for more information.

Donations are welcome and, if you feel the need to do so, you can donate to the Barrel at the main gate.