Civil Law

Minor Offences are handled by a Magistrate without requirement of a trial. Minor Offenses are punishable once, whilst the second time shall be considered a major offense to which, it shall be punished to a greater extent before a court. Major Crimes shall be given due process and a Trial held by a Magistrate, the Minister of Justice, Grand Vizier the Sheikh or to whom he appoints. In extenuating circumstances, the Sheikh, appointed Imperial Family members or where given authority to, the Grand Vizier or Minister of Justice may bypass a Trial.

5.1 Entry into the Oasis and Territories
Admittance to the Oasis of Four Palms is given by the Kashani Guards at the Four Palms Gates. Entry by means that is not of the Four Palms Gates is not permitted. Outlaws are not permitted entry and shall be repelled from the territories of the Four Palms if not taken captive and prisoner.

5.2 Theft (Minor)
Theft is to take goods and services without paying the agreed upon price in goods or legal tender, to a cost of 25 silver or less. Terms of Theft;
5.2.1 To without permission, take inanimate objects and possession from another person’s abode, store, person or from their property.
5.2.2 To without permission, take animate objects and possession from another free person’s abode, store, person or property including livestock and slaves.
5.2.3 To refuse payment for services used or taken by another person. Including the use of another’s slave and not giving payment for service and time to which financial gain is lost knowingly. I.e. to use another man’s slave for pleasure and not pay a due price.
5.2.4 To slice and use incorrect/illegal tender for merchandise and services.

5.3 Theft (Major)
The terms of theft shall stand from Section 5.2, however shall be considered a major offense when the cost of goods, services or possessions shall be that of 25 silver or in equivalent tender.

5.4 Damage of Property
To cause damage to another person’s property including inanimate and animate objects and possessions (incl. Livestock and slaves) through a Slave or Free Persons actions, negligence or intent. Damage of Property but not destruction shall constitute a minor offense. Damage to Property where damage is irreparable, impacts on financial value greater than 5 silvers, or, destroyed shall be considered a major crime.

5.5 Arson
To set fire through negligence or malicious actions within the Territories of the Kashani that shall impact on the effectiveness or infrastructure of the Kashani. Arson is a Major Offence.

5.6 Slander
It is a minor offense for the first time time that a person spreads propaganda, rumors or information about a person to which they know is not true. For a second offense or slander to which shall damage the integrity of the Kashani shall be considered a Major Offense.

5.7 Methods of Violation of Laws
It is an offense to order and use a slave to violate the laws of the Kashani, to which the Free Person or Slave shall have the same punishment as a major or minor offense as the perpetrating slave.

5.8 Assault
Assault shall constitute a variety of degrees, and is defined as an attack upon a person to which harm is desired outside of arranged duals, tournaments and combative events. Attempting or conspiring to assault a person shall carry the same penalty as if it was actioned. Exemptions are given to the charge of assault, where one shall defend themselves or another.

5.8.1 Assault (Minor) – Where an unwarranted or sanctioned attack against a person has been committed, but no lasting injury is instilled. This is where there is no loss of limb, life, or no lasting effects. A Minor Assault where a person’s ability to work and contribute to the Oasis of Four Palms, Kashani or Kavar is not affected.

5.9 Assault (Major)
An Assault upon a person whose intention was, or has committed unwarranted or sanctioned harm against a person, where there is long term injury, injury to which a person is unable to work efficiently or their ability as a combatant is affected. Major Assault shall also constitute that any Free Person is forced to engage in sexual, non-penetrative acts non-consentingly.

5.10 Unlawful Stripping
It is a Major Offence within the Kashani Territories including the Four Palms to forcibly remove other Free Persons attire. This shall include forcibly removing a Free Woman’s Veil or Hood. Exemption is afforded to those Guards, Magistrates and Officials who are undertaking work as per a sentencing of a Free Person or, upon the order of the Imperial Sheikh and to he appoints. Exemption is afforded to Kashani Riders who have partaken in war, and, as the spoils of war have taken captive Free.

5.11 Unconsenting Coitus
The unconsenting penetration of the anus, vagina or mouth of a Free Person within the territories of the Kashani against the will of the receivant, or, their father, adoptive father, legal guardian or companion. Unconsenting Coitus is a Major Offense.

5.11.1 If the receivant is a Free Woman, then the convicted perpetrator is required to pay the value of the bride price to the legal male figure of the family.

5.12 Manslaughter
To have killed a Free Person without the intent, or premeditation to do so within the Kashani Territories. Manslaughter is a Major Offense.

5.13 Murder
To have killed a Free Person with the intent or premeditation to do so within the Kashani Territories.

5.13.1 – Exemptions of Murder;
5.7.1a In defence of the Kavars, their vassal tribes and their people, residents from malicious attack.
5.7.1b As an act of War
5.7.1c Upon the Order of the Sheikh or Minister of War on their Behalf