Free Woman Law

3.1 – The Rights of a Free Woman
A Free Woman who is not found guilty of crimes within the Four Palms or within the associated vassel tribes, is permitted the protection of the Guards of the Kashani, Kavar, Four Palms and her household. She shall be granted sanctuary and residency at the behest of the Sheikh or those who he shall deputise.

3.1.1 A Free Woman, may defend herself from would-be attackers and shall be permitted to carry a weapon befitting of her station, including the use of a short/small dagger.

3.2 – Behaviours expected of a Free Woman
Free Women are required whilst in the territories of the Kashani and the Oasis of Four Palms to act with decorum, modesty and honour. With this being said, they are free to express their opinions and objections, so long as their head of household permits them this privilege. Insulting a man is not a crime.

Free Women are not permitted to enter the Paga Den. Exemption is provided to Physicians during a medical emergency. The concealment of sexual activities and nudity is the responsibility of the Paga Den Keeper.

3.2.1 – Matters of behaviour are to be challenged and are to be where, appropriate, brought to the attention of the Free Women’s legal guardian or father. If this is not plausible or has occurred on several occasions, the Free Woman’s behaviour may be reported to a Magistrate of the Oasis of Four Palms.

3.3 – Dressing Requirements
A Free Woman whilst in public is required by all times to dress with modesty and concealment. Of the head and face, a Free Woman is at all times whilst in public to be adorned with a hood or for her hair to be concealed by other means. Whilst wearing the hood, a Free Woman shall be required to have her hair off of the collar of her gown and not in a Free flowing ponytail. The upper portion of the chest, and arms to the wrist are to be covered as well as the ankles. Sheer shirts and dresses not concealing the body, are not acceptable and are haram. For all Free Women, a Veil is compulsory whilst in public – Apart from the Exemptions of 3.3.1. Free Women of elite or aristocratic houses are expected to wear gloves. Tight fitting necklaces about the neck or tokens of slavery are not permitted. Anything inappropriate, is encouraged to be challenged appropriately.

3.3.1 – Exemptions
Free Women who are undertaking the duties to benefit the Oasis, that are labour intensive (i.e. Farming, tanning, butchery) are not required to wear the Veil during their duties, and the forearm below the elbow may be exposed, only while performing the labour of their work. Outside of their labours, Free Women are otherwise expected to abide by Section 3.3. A Free Woman may be questioned, or held until it has been determined by a Magistrate, Grand Viziers or Sheikh if it has been deemed her attire is unacceptable. During absence of the veil in labour, a headscarf shall still remain and should be able to cover the face as required.

Free Women who are able to be Free Companioned, are permitted to wear bells about their left ankle as is accepted within the Tahari Culture. These may not be slave bells – Any Free Woman donning Slave Bells, will be dealt with accordingly.

Free Women are permitted the use of chains about their ankles when walking – This is accepted per Tahari Culture.

Within the Free Woman Compound, no veil or hood is required but is still recommended. Guards of the Kashani, and Physicians delivering Emergency Aid, Law Officials will still be permitted to enter the Compound on official business alone, regardless of Gender.

Beyond the Double Doors of the Women’s section of the bath, robes and clothing may be derobed freely. However, Free Women may still not act or display signs of slave (i.e. collars, uncouth clothing and behaviours. Brands will be visible, and can be challenged appropriately. It is recognised the woman may not be carrying official manumission papers).

3.4 Escorts and movement
Free Women are permitted movement around the public areas of the Four Palms – Including Public Areas of the Sapphire Palace (adhering to the palace etiquette). Free Women are permitted into the grounds of the Kasbah, though not entry apart from on business as a Physician or other business. Entry must be given and escorted by a Guard of the Four Palms. A Free Woman may be legally ordered to leave an area by a governing official, law official, private building/land owner/renter, or Guard of the Four Palms. It is recommended to have a suitably aged male relative accompany the woman, but not be classified suspicious or unlawful for a woman not to be escorted by a man.

3.5 Slave Ownership
A Free Woman is afforded the privilege to own a male or female slave. Familial restrictions on the Free Woman, are different and are to be handled by the family.

If a Free Woman obtains her own pleasure from a slave, she must be the contracted owner or renter of the slave, not using another’s slave for her pleasure. The exemption to this, is if she is the documented renter of the slave. A Slave may not be rented for the primary use of pleasure. She may not explicitly show a public or business interest in obtaining pleasure from the slave, nor lust or undignified/haram actions and intentions towards the slave.

A Free Woman who falls pregnant to the use of a Slave, shall surrender to the Law Officials of the Four Palms where the judgment may incur that she be collared and the babe once born shall enter into a life of Slavery.