Merchant Law

Merchant Law shall be upheld in the Kashani Territories by the appointed Minister of Commerce, the appropriate Minister of State, Grand Vizier or Imperial Sheikh. The Minister executes power to that of the Merchant Magistrates that are appointed and may make rulings and judgements in relation to Merchant Law.

4.1. Standardised Measurements
The weight and stone are tested four times per annum at the four Sardar Fairs of the Gorean Year.

4.1.a Any citizens, or residents buying and selling should have a singular unit of measurement and weights tested against the stone of the Four Palms

4.1.b Merchants who are found to be using anything other than the agreed upon system will be charged with fraudulent activities at the discretion of Merchant Magistrates.

4.2. Legal Tender
Shaving, or slicing off metal from any coin is considered to be theft and fraud.

The Four Palms accepts the use of valued and precious gems and jewels in the stead of coin.

4.3. Licensing and Business Registration
Merchants and those wishing to be a Business Owner are required to obtain a Business Registration License to conduct and establish business, or operate a company within the Four Palms. Such licenses can be obtained from the Minister of Commerce, appropriate Minister of State, Grand Vizier or Imperial Sheikh. Business owners may undertake other duties in the Four Palms, as long as a dedicated Merchant or Craftsperson is in place to manage their trade.

4.3.a Merchants and business owners operating without a license will be liable to fines for a first offense. Their business, goods and profits may be confiscated by a Merchant Magistrate if they are found guilty of a second offense. Enslavement is the penalty for a third offense.

4.4. Sale Tax
Sale Tax is set at three copper which will be added to the purchase total. Avoiding this tax or using this tax for personal gain shall be seen as Fraud.

4.4.a Merchants found to be selling items, or any kind of consumable produce while using measures deviating from the Standard Scale of the Four Palms by more than 10% will be charged with fraud. Punishment can include the loss of Business Registration License. This includes any Slaves that are acting on the behalf of the Business owner or Apprentices.

4.5. Forgery
Forgery of the Four Palms Official Seal on mercantile products is illegal and will be punished at the discretion of the Merchant Magistrate.

4.6 Exotic Goods
All shipments and manifests of rare or exotic goods shall be presented to the Minister of Commerce, Minister of State or Merchant Magistrate. They may also request evidence of the origin of exotic or rare goods. Failure to provide any written documentation or audit trail of obtaining rare or exotic goods will be treated as illegally obtained or stolen.

4.7 Merchant Law Authority
The Merchant Magistrates of the Four Palms shall be appointed upon Ministerial Appointment, who shall in turn appoint them to execute the Merchant Law within the Four Palms and territories. In addition, the Minister of Commerce and of State shall pass judgement over merchant law officials in where there is a time that a Merchant Magistrate is unable through availability or conflicts of interest.

4.8 Traveling Peddlers and Merchants
Traveling Merchants and Peddlers are permitted to sell their goods unhindered without the purchase or rental of a building and within the Bazar. All traveling merchants and peddlers are permitted to trade freely in this area for up to a single hand to which point should apply for licensing. If they do not, they are found to be trading in the city without permission. A minimum of three days where the traveling merchants move their business to another city is required before starting trade once more. A Peddler who has received a business license in the city may set up street stalls and trade wherever in the city, but may be asked to move along by the Guards, Government or both Civil and Merchant Magistrates.