OOC Rules

The following are general rules of the sim. You are required to read the rules of this sim prior to entering our home. Once you have chosen to enter the city, it will be accepted that you have read and understood all sim rules. Please understand we will not accept or tolerate ignorance of our sim rules.

Please feel free to explore the sim OOCly if you wish. We only ask that you set your meter or group tag to OOC, and that you have a Gorean themed avatar so immersion is not broken for those who are roleplaying.

  1. People that cause drama (other than In Character), are problematic, violate sim laws, or engage in activities deemed not appropriate by the owner of this sim will be removed. Things that happen in RP will stay in RP. If no sim rules are broken then the RP is valid and its up to the person or people involved to either continue the story or not. Do not bring OOC salt into group chat or the RP because someone got the drop on you.
  2. Oasis of Four Palms is a Gorean RP sim with mature content and themes; that means NC-17! You must be 18+ to RP on this sim both in-world and in real-life; no child-size av’s or child-like AO’s, or age play will be allowed within the confines of Oasis of Four Palms. Gorean Dress and appearance is required on this sim.
  3. Oasis of Four Palms will require that ALL Second life Avis be at least 14 days old to enter the sim and RP.
  4. By The Book RP (BTB) is strictly enforced. GE or any form of hybrids are welcome to RP but must adhere to sim rules and BTB RP.
  5. The ZCS Meter is required for RP in Oasis of Four Palms.
  6. On Wednesdays we wear pink.
  7. Personal rules do not trump sim rules. Fade-to-black (FTB) can be used, but not abused. The rule ‘No permanent collars’ is an unrealistic rule, and is abused so that FW have no consequences for their actions and will not be honored here.
  8. All people Free and Slave alike will dress within their station not above. Such as a Peasant adorned in jewels and clothing made from fine expensive cloth. Or a Kennel Slave dressed in gold chains and expensive silks, will not be allowed, and if seen will be taken care of ICly.
  9. Some Gorean characters/avatars are not appropriate: No child avatars, no panthers, no ferals, mambas, red savages, kur, she-urts or other rare/regionally inappropriate characters without prior Moderator approval and damned good story. No non-Gorean characters. Gorean animal avatars are welcome but must be approved first by one of the admins.
  10. Required lines for actions in RP (such as but not limited to binding, unbinding, and grappling) are 3 separate lines 10 words minimum per line with the exception of killing. Any kills in Oasis of Four Palms will be 3 plus descriptive lines 20 words minimum and also requires 30 mins of rp or more prior the action. Recognized Black Caste on their kill phase are exempt from 30 mins time frame. At no time will this sim allow the use of pre-typed, gestures and macros in place of actually typing out your required lines for combat RP.
  11. Housing is first come first serve, if the lantern is green then it is able to be rented, only members of the Kashani, and Kavar are able to rent housing without IC permission from the Sheikh or Sheikha. There is camp for outsiders, but permission from a tribal authority is still required.
  1. Any slave found wondering with no physical owner on sim, will be taken to the kennels. If the owner comes with in 1 week, they must provide papers on the slave proving ownership. If the papers are found to be legitimate then the owner will pay a fee for housing and boarding and the slave will be returned to them.
  2. FW can have NPC guards, this does not allow them to act disrespectful with out consequences. There are IC consequences to IC actions. In order to kill the guards there must be at least 2 separate posts per guard you kill. This is to allow the FW time to run away screaming before shit gets real.
  3. Do not rock the kasbah, or your Avatar might explode.
  4. Engagement with specific Castes from foreign cities is at the discretion of those being RP’d. However, there is no Caste structure or afforded benefits to Castes found elsewhere unless stated in IC laws.
  5. In regards to stealing or kidnapping, the person being stolen or kidnapped DOES have a say weather or not they will leave the sim. If they wish to remain on sim thats their right, you may hide with in the sim or use a a building as a point to keep your new catch hidden if you wish. But you will not take a fellow RPer off the sim they have requested to remain on sim. You must RP with said target for at least 1 hour before attempting to steal or kidnap them.
  6. In regards to combat let it be a duel or scuffle before combat occurs, the defender or one being attacked has the right to pick either dice or meter combat. The attacker must agree to the option that the defender has chosen before combat starts.
  7. The IC time of day will follow SLT unless otherwise agreed upon. If it is morning SLT then it is morning in the Oasis.
  8. Currently we are not allowing raids until we get a healthy male population.
  9. Any Teegle Horse you see will be treated as a tame and trained Kaiila.

Not every rule may be listed within these pages and as always – something which comes up but is not covered, will be left to the owners’ discretion without refute.